Github Readme Stats

Hey guys! i hope you are doing well.

Yesterday after seeing that lot of people on twitter are creating their Github profile Readmes i thought i should do something cool & unique, so i created this ->

Github Readme Stats

Github Readme Stats

Github readme stats allows you to simply add a markdown image link and it will show you realtime stats for your github account.

![Anurag's github stats](

And the cool thing is since it's just an image you can embed it anywhere even on any websites!

Live Demo:

Anurag's github stats

Pretty neat isn't it? Try it out right now on your profile readme too! :D

After seeing that people liked the Github Stats Card idea i created Github Extra Pins

Github Extra Pins

Github extra pins allows you to pin more than 6 repositories in your profile by using github readme profile.

Yey! you are no longer limited to 6 pinned repos


Live demo:


Check out the docs to learn more

That's it :D I hope you guys liked the project. And make sure to give it a star on Github


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